Care planning in Reading, Wokingham, Newbury and West Berkshire

What is care planning?

Care planning is a process that allows you to be actively involved in deciding, agreeing and owning how your diabetes is managed.

What does care planning involve?

The care planning process is linked to your yearly diabetes check-ups and encourages you to think about what you might like to discuss once you have the results from your diabetes checks and measurements.

Before your yearly diabetes appointment you will be asked to attend the surgery to have all of your checks and measurements completed. The results of these checks will be sent to you in the post to arrive prior to your annual review. They will include your diabetes control, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood fats, kidney tests, weight and body mass index and smoking status.

Receiving your results in this way gives you the chance to think about what the results mean to you and what you might like to discuss.

At your appointment with the healthcare professional you will be able to discuss the results, share stories about your health and well-being, set goals and create an action plan to help you manage your diabetes. For example if your weight has increased you may decide to agree a healthy eating plan.

Receiving care in this way

Care planning is not about making you do something that you don't feel comfortable with. It recognises that some people will want more control than others. Care planning gives you the opportunity to take control of your own care and make informed decisions in order to manage your diabetes effectively.

Care Planning has been introduced in Berkshire West over the past 3 years. Ask your Practice Nurse or GP for more information.

This explanation of how the system works was provided by Claire Scott.