Freestyle Libre

Here is our local CCG’s  current view on prescribing Freestyle Libre.  

Berkshire West CCG Statement on FreeStyle Libre®

FreeStyle Libre® is a form of “flash glucose monitoring”, with glucose readings provided by scanning a sensor rather than having to perform finger pricks. It will be the first of these technologies to be added to the National Drug Tariff on 1 November 2017. It is important to note that the Drug Tariff is not a list of recommended products and NHS organisations and prescribers are not obligated to supply every item listed within it.

There are currently no national recommendations for the prescribing of Freestyle Libre®. A number of NHS clinical groups will be collaborating with commissioners to produce recommendations for the prescribing of FreeStyle Libre® locally. The Local and Area Prescribing Committees will be considering this at their November meetings. In addition, the Thames Valley diabetes clinical leads and consultants are aiming to draw up a consensus policy across the region. An update will be published once this has occurred  and been ratified.

This will assist us in the evaluation process and avoid variation in practice. There are already over 100 patients in our area who are self-funding and some have already approached their GP to request NHS prescribing. This link explains managing the boundary between NHS and private patients. 

Freestyle Libre® is an innovative new device that has the potential to improve quality of life for patients and support self-management. However, at the present point in time there are some significant limitations in available clinical trial data and economic analysis that make it difficult to make an appropriate judgment as to its place in therapy.

Prescribers in primary care are requested not to prescribe Freestyle Libre® sensors on an NHS prescription until the Freestyle Libre® device has been evaluated and approved for use through existing local governance processes.”