Thames water priority service

Information from Thames water

”At Thames Water, we aim to provide a reliable service for every individual in our region, 365 days a year. But if something does go wrong, our priority services teams are on hand to help. 

By signing up for our free priority services, you can benefit from extra help in water-related emergencies. Our goal is to provide extra peace of mind if you’re of pensionable age; living with a chronic medical condition or restricted mobility; experiencing a change in personal circumstances; or raising a family with young children under the age of five. 

No matter your needs, you’ll have access to a dedicated telephone helpline, which you can call at any time of day. In the unlikely event your water stops flowing for a long period of time, we’ll give you a call to discuss what’s happened, what we’re doing to fix it, and any additional support you might need, including an alternative supply of water.

You can also rely on us for proactive support. When we’re planning maintenance to our pipes, we’ll give you plenty of notice so that you can make alternative arrangements. We’ll make sure to communicate in the format that best suits your needs and, if you want extra reassurance, help you set up a doorstep password so that you know it’s us if we ever pop by to speak to you. 

We’ll keep any details you share with us safe and confidential. To sign up today, visit www.thameswater/rpiorityservices, call 0800 0093652 option 3, or email To request registration forms, email”